“Where Good Friends Meet”

Locally Sourced × Crafted TO PERFECTION


Welcome to Grazers Bar & Grill


Grazers Bar & Grill is a popular destination for the sun-beaten rancher, dust-covered farmer, open road racer, wind-blown biker, suit-wearing professional, carefree adventurer, child-in-tow soccer mom, night-on-the-town couple, golden years retiree, or lovely Red Hat lady. No matter your age or what hat you may be wearing when you arrive, come as you are…you’re always welcome at Grazers Bar & Grill. It’s “Where Good Friends Meet.”

Taste some of the freshest beef Nebraska has to offer at Grazers Bar & Grill. Located in the heart of cattle country, it’s what inspired our name. We proudly serve locally raised beef and our friendly staff will help you find just the right thirst-quenching drink to complement your meal.

Whether you take a seat in our modern family friendly dining room or join a friend in the bar for a cold drink after a long day, you’ll find good service, great food, and lots of laughter.